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Printed Music ( £12 per pack)
Scottish Consort Music From 'The Art of Music" [c 1579]
A collection of ten Charming instrumental consort pieces in two, three and four parts and of moderate difficulty from this valuable but neglected manuscript source of Scottish instrumental music, including hitherto unpublished counters on plainchant, consorts on psalms, and a lively fantasia on L'Homme Arme.
[Cmf Music 001 : Set of four performance scores]
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Psalm Settings [SATB] From the Court of James VI
Elegant settings of the magnificent translations of Psalms 2 and 23 by Scotland's foremost courtly poet Alexander Montgomerie, issued in 1998 to mark the quater centenary of his death. Suitable for various combinations of voice and instruments
[Cmf Music 002 : Set of four performance scores ]
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Choral Music From the Inverness Fragments [c 1550]
This Selection of music from a unique source of provincial Scottish faburden based on plainchant includes the processional 'Laudate pueri Dominum' and a setting of the dramatic processional sequence for palm Sunday. Moderately easy to sing and very effective in performance
[Cmf Music 003 : Set of four performance scores ]
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'Omnes Gentes, attendite' An anonymous Scottish Motet [SSATB] - From the Wode part-books [c 1550]
A spectacular declamatory motet in celebration of the Virgin Mary, possibly the work of the Renaissance Scottish master Robert Johnson.
[Cmf Music 004 : Set of four performance scores ]
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The Songs of Selma [c 1788] From the Scots Musical Museum II
Three delightful settings of texts from James Macpherson's Celtic epic 'Ossian' to music by the 18th century Scottish composer James Oswald. Suitable for Soprano and alto voices & B.C. [or smaller accompanied S/A choir] OR Soprano or tenor voices, with recorder or violin & B.C
[Cmf Music 005 : Set of four performance scores ]
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Video ( £12.99)
Coronach & The King's Players
Perform Scenes from Sir David Lindsay's
'An Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis'

" Dramatic intensity, bite,
wit and warmth piled on liberally. In short, brilliant!"
This acclaimed selection of the best scenes from Sir David Lindsay's Scottish Renaissance dramatic masterpiece is available for the first time on video, filmed by SCOTSEEN in Glasgow University's Historic Bute Hall.

Thrill to the humiliation and restoration of Chastitie, cheer the defeat and hanging of the thrie Vycis and the triumph of Gude Counsall, swoon at Foly's seduction of the young Bessie and tap your toes to period music by CORONACH!
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Book( £17.00)
D James Ross : 'Musick Fyne'
'Robert Carver and the Art of Music in 16th Century Scotland'
(The Mercat Press, Edinburgh, 1993)
"The Standard-bearer in it's field" (T.L.S)
James Ross's authoritative and copiously illustrated account of music in Renaissance Scotland puts the choral music of Robert Carver and his contemporaries and the partsongs and instrumental music of the Stewart courts into their dramatic historical context.
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Cassettes( £7 each)
Coronach : Celtic Heritage (Cmf 002)
CORONACH's acclaimed cassette collection of Scottish & Irish Folk and Scottish Renaissance music. All the atmosphere of a live Highland folk session!
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Music Fyne : A Scottish Mass of 1546 (Cmf 004)
A cassette of choral music from the Inverness Sang School and by the 16th century Scottish masters Robert Carver and David Peebles, music by John Blak and plainchant, in a reconstruction of a Scottish Mass of around 1546.
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